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Constructions and installations are put into use for the first time during the commissioning phase. This is a complex event in which different parties must work together and complicating factors can occur. Safety coordination and supervision during construction and start of usage is essential. Kader relieves its clients with the safe and professional commissioning of structures and (complex) installations in accordance with the design specifications and legal requirements.

Added value of safety supervision at commissioning

By offering safety supervision and applying test protocols, carrying out tests and risk analyses, you gain insight into complicating factors and potential hazards during commissioning. With this, safety and health risks can be prevented or limited.

Moreover, conducting inspections, checks and tests forms a good basis for setting up a maintenance system for the building and / or installations.

Through proper safety-related preparation, activities with the right control measures can be carried out in a timely and correct manner. Unnecessary costs are avoided and work can be done faster and more safely.

Our safety experts are very capable in overseeing the commissioning process and ensuring that it runs effectively

Our possibilities

Depending on your role in the project (client or contractor), we can take care of the entire safety coordination during construction and (partial) commissioning for you. The aim is, of course, to prevent accidents and to ensure proper management of planned activities.

Kader supports, among other things, setting up management structures, such as work permit systems and LOTOTO systems, drawing up work method descriptions and training employees.

We verify whether equipment, systems and / or equipment comply with the design specifications and legal requirements (CE marking machines), record our findings and check whether the construction and commissioning is carried out professionally and safely.

The preparation of control measures, test plans and the execution of inspections, test protocols, controls and risk analyzes (process safety) is a daily practice for our safety experts.

Your legal obligations

When designing a structure, that is, in the design phase, the client must already take into account (or have it taken into account) that work in the use and demolition phase can be carried out in a healthy and safe manner. This is an obligation under the Working Conditions Decree.

However, the exclusion of safety and health risks cannot all be overcome in the design phase. During the commissioning construction and implementation phase, new dangers often arise that are not foreseen in the design phase. Certainly if several parties are involved in a project.

From the moment that employees put the building or installation into use and processes are put into operation, it is legally required to draw up test plans in advance and to perform risk analyses.

Experience & expertise

The pressure in the construction commissioning phase is high. Stopping only one day is often a major expense. The tension between the wishes and requirements of the client and the commissioning of installations is enormous. Our safety experts have a lot of experience in safety coordination when commissioning (complex) buildings and installations. They are very capable of overseeing the commissioning process and ensuring that it runs effectively.

Our safety experts have many years of practical experience in the field of construction safety, installation safety, use and maintenance safety of buildings and installations in all project phases.

Where necessary, we can deploy specialists such as process safety experts and ATEX experts in connection with dust or gas explosion protection. We also have a machine safety expert, a Certified Machinery Safety Expert (CMSE®) in-house.

Among other things, Kader has supervised (green and brownfield) projects in the healthcare sector (hospitals), the pharmaceutical and food industries (milk powder, baby food and cheese factories). In addition, we have relieved these clients in the commissioning of the associated process or building-related installations. We have also guided these clients in the preceding design phase and implementation phase.


Our promise

Our professional and experienced safety officers support our clients in their HSE Management: Health, Safety and Environment.

Our independently working professionals invest in knowledge about your operations and will provide a clear and practical translation of national laws and regulations. A good collaboration between client and professional is vital.

This allows you to focus on your primary process without a care and guarantees continuity in safe and healthy working conditions.

Through our safety expertise within a range of branches and project phases, you are assured of a reliable and professional partner!

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