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Design phase

Design phase

It is of great importance that safety and health aspects are considered during the design phase. Writing and working according to a Safety and Health Plan design phase is an obligation under the Working Conditions Decree for building contractors. Kader takes care of the Safety and Health coordination in the design phase and relieves its clients in complying with the regulations of the Working Conditions Decree during the design phase construction!

Added value H&S coordination design phase

By outsourcing the H&S coordination design phase and having a H&S plan design phase drawn up, you not only meet the obligations of the Working Conditions Decree; early consideration of occupational safety is essential for the (cost) efficient and safe execution of your construction project!

For example, measures can be taken at the earliest possible stage to eliminate or limit safety and health risks. Avoidable costs and unpleasant surprises during all subsequent phases are avoided and planning can be done more reliably.

Moreover, the H&S plan design phase forms the basis for all risk assessments of your construction project.

Our team consists of qualified safety experts of different levels. All our safety experts are versatile.

Our team consists of qualified safety experts of different levels. All our safety experts are versatile.

Our options

Kader supports you in complying with the obligations of the Working Conditions Decree. We help clients to design the design so that employees can work safely and healthily during the implementation, use and maintenance phase. Possible hazards can therefore be eliminated as much as possible and safety and health risks limited.

In this phase we can take care of the entire H&S coordination design phase or help with, among other things, SHE studies, the preparation of a H&S plan design phase, the compilation of a H&S dossier or putting the safety and health topic on the agenda of the various parties involved in the get started on the (construction) project.

Your legal obligations

According to the Working Conditions Decree, clients carrying out projects in the construction design phase must check whether all parties on the construction site can work safely and healthily during the implementation phase. In this first phase it is mandatory to appoint a coordinator design phase, to prepare a H&S plan design phase and H&S dossier.

Large structures must also be reported to the Social Affairs and Employment Inspectorate and agreements with the implementing party must be recorded in writing. If an inspection by the Social Affairs and Employment Inspectorate at the construction site reveals that these obligations have not been met, the client may be subject to an administrative fine.

Experience & expertise

Our team of safety experts can rely on years of and broad practical experience in the field of project safety, construction safety, installation safety, use and maintenance safety of buildings and installations in all project phases.

As a result, we are perfectly capable of identifying, removing and / or limiting potential safety and health risks that may occur in the subsequent project phases during the design phase of construction.

In keeping with the wishes and content of the assignment, Kader provides a driven, practical, proactive and accurate safety expert. You determine the level of deployment of Kader yourself.

In this design phase, we have supervised (green and brownfield) projects in the healthcare sector (hospitals), the pharmaceutical and food industries (milk powder, baby food and cheese factories), among others. In addition, we also relieved these clients during the implementation phase and commissioning of the associated process or building-related installations.

Where necessary, we can employ specialists such as process safety experts for conducting HAZOP studies, ATEX experts in connection with dust or gas explosion protection.

Our promise

Our professional and experienced safety officers support our clients in their HSE Management: Health, Safety and Environment.

Our independently working professionals invest in knowledge about your operations and will provide a clear and practical translation of national laws and regulations. A good collaboration between client and professional is vital.

This allows you to focus on your primary process without a care and guarantees continuity in safe and healthy working conditions.

Through our safety expertise within a range of branches and project phases, you are assured of a reliable and professional partner!

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