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Preparation phase

Preparation phase

In the preparation phase, all H&S measures are taken to prepare a project specifically for safe and efficient implementation. Good organization and making and recording agreements with all parties at the project location are crucial here. Kader gives substance to the H&S plan and is responsible for determining and establishing the preconditions. With this you meet the legal obligations and you are assured of an efficient and safe implementation!

Added value of V&G preparation

Good organization and V&G preparation ensure a (cost) efficient and manageable implementation of your project! The investment in good preparation definitely pays for itself in the implementation phase!

Incidents, unsafe situations, ad hoc work, overtime and unnecessary failure costs are minimized. The chance of image and / or personal injury in the implementation phase is therefore limited. This means a safe and successful implementation of your project with satisfied employees, clients and shareholders as a result.

The investment in good preparation definitely pays for itself in the implementation phase!

Our options

Kader supports its clients in taking all H&S measures in the preparation phase. Depending on the available budget for safety, we establish a safety culture (HSE policy) that at least meets the preconditions of safety, wishes and requirements of different parties and legal criteria.

Our safety experts are responsible for drawing up the H&S plan implementation phase, requesting the application for mandatory permits and proper planning, organization and communication of work to be performed in accordance with the safety criteria.

The selection and testing of contractors in meeting the safety requirements set out in the V&G plan design phase, the provision of training in the field of occupational safety and the recording of temporary facilities, such as work permit system, security, safety room and procedures can be left entirely to the safety experts of Kader.

Your legal obligations

According to law and regulations, clients must prepare the H&S plan for the implementation phase in the preparation and apply for permits, such as construction and environmental permits.

If that has not yet happened in the design phase of construction, this phase is the last moment that compliance with the Working Conditions Decree can be met; large buildings must be registered with the Inspectorate SZW.

Our work method

On the basis of a personal interview, we identify the preconditions, the scope and duration of the project. Your safety budget forms the basis for the further development of the safety culture. Where necessary, we advise on the “must haves” and nice to haves with regard to the HSE policy.

It is in the preparation phase that it becomes clear which investment is required for safety-related deployment.

It is in the preparation phase that becomes clear which investment is required for safety-related deployment. The sooner we can be involved in the process, the more contours and requirements can be taken into account. The preparation phase is the perfect moment!

Our promise

Our professional and experienced safety officers support our clients in their HSE Management: Health, Safety and Environment.

Our independently working professionals invest in knowledge about your operations and will provide a clear and practical translation of national laws and regulations. A good collaboration between client and professional is vital.

This allows you to focus on your primary process without a care and guarantees continuity in safe and healthy working conditions.

Through our safety expertise within a range of branches and project phases, you are assured of a reliable and professional partner!

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